10 signs someone is interested in you.

Found these on Tumblr…I would say that most of these apply to my current situation. What about you?

1. They stand closer to you or they keep a smaller distance when they’re around you. It shows that they are comfortable with you and want to get physically intimate.

2. They are more likely to face you when talking to you as opposed to standing sideways or away from you. However, if they are shy, then maybe this point won’t apply so much. Instead, they will periodically take glimpses at you when you’re not looking.

3. They’d try to get your attention for trivial things such as calling you about what homework they have or when the homework is due.

4. They smile more frequently because of you. Even if they don’t show it while around you because they don’t want you to find out they like you, they will smile when they think of you.

5. Their behavior can be passive aggressive. They may appear to show interest in you one day and not the other. Sometimes, this leaves you wondering if you pissed them off without realizing. When someone likes you, little things you do can hurt them, because they have taken a bigger notice to you.

6. They prioritize their activities with you. They may cancel plans just so they can meet up with you or assist you with something.

7. Their friends know about you. They have probably at some point confess to at least one friend their feelings about you.

8. They want to find out more about you to see if you’re single or available or/and if you’re compatible.

9. They will care about you if you are upset and they will often try to do something for you. Remember, people may not always tell you how they feel, but they will always show you. You just have to pay attention.

10. Last but not least, the most obvious sign is that they will feel upset or hurt if they learn that you don’t like them or when they get rejected by you.

The more of these signs someone shows towards you, the higher the chance they are interested in you. However, 1 or 2 of these signs alone may mean nothing at all. Furthermore, each person is different and this may not apply to all types of personalities, but this does relate to most. You can add more tell-tale signs below

via Psychology Quotes.

project new year.

Have you guys heard of the “new year project?” You basically get an empty jar and fill it with good things that happen to you throughout the year. On New Years Eve, open the jar and read what you wrote. It’s a great way at focusing on the positive more than the negative…something I need to work on.

For you introverts like me, I highly suggest trying this out just for fun. I’ve started my “jar” (I’m using a smal box). I can’t wait to read about all the good things that happen to me this year.

– beautifuldarkmystery

the perks of being a wallflower (book).

the perks of being a wallflower cover

I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while. I also wanted to see the movie but I never did. 😦 Anyways, back to the book. I ordered it on Amazon and the day it came, I began reading it. I don’t read very often and I’m actually trying to get back in the habit of doing so, but I could NOT put this book down. It was a very easy read and the characters were so relatable. If I added the number of hours it took me to read it, I would have finished the book in less than a day.

I am an introvert, so I found Charlie to be a pretty relatable character, but I always noticed that something was a little off with him. It wasn’t until later in the book when I found out why he is the way he is. I won’t give away spoilers for those who haven’t read the book and want to. Anyways, the book is written in a series of letters to a “friend” (being us, the readers) and takes place in the 90s, the period before communication changed with the digital world.

But basically, there’s nothing better than seeing the underdogs come out on top. Charlie, Sam, and Patrick are three characters that many people can identify with. The book basically takes you back to your high school days and it pretty much covers every topic…drugs, sex, relationships, sexuality, friends, school, etc. You also get a look into Charlie’s home life…how he interacts with his parents, his brother, and sister.

I’ve never read a book as beautiful and inspiring as this one. Stephen Chbosky did an amazing job writing this. He also directed the movie, so I can only imagine that the film is just as great as the book. I recommend this book for adolescents because of the content, but I think everyone should read it at some point in their lives. This book brought me back to my high school days and I found myself reminiscing, especially during the part about graduation. So read this book, you’ll be glad you did. 🙂


my take on relationships.

When it comes to relationships, I guess you could call me inexperienced. I’ve been single for pretty much all of my adolescent years so to have someone I call my boyfriend right now, would feel strange. For the longest time, I thought it was weird and that I wasn’t normal having not dated many guys in high school. Part of the reason why I thought this area of my life was so difficult was because of my personality. I’m not very outgoing. In fact, I’m the exact opposite. For anyone who’s an introvert…you may be able to relate. In high school, I had my group of friends, but when it came to dating, that was something I always wanted but stayed away from simply because I just didn’t know what I was doing. But just because I didn’t date, it doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it. I was always one of those girls who hoped for this guy to sweep me off my feet and showed me he cared. But this was high school…who was I kidding?

Now that I’m in college, I’m more emotionally mature than I was back then. I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter how many boyfriends I have…whether it’s zero or ten. It’s something I’m not so insecure about anymore and honestly, I could care less if people judge me for it. This is MY life and it SHOULD be different from everyone else. In fact, I’d rather wait for someone great to come along than go through so many heartbreaks. That’s not to say that I will never experience it. In fact I have. I had one relationship in high school, but I will go into more detail about that in another post. All it took was that one time for me to realize that in every relationship I go through, pain is inevitable.

But here’s the point I’m trying to make. For those of you who think you’re this freak just because you haven’t found someone yet…stop thinking like that. This is YOUR life. Who knows, tomorrow someone great may just walk into your life and make you realize that all this waiting was worth it. But don’t beat yourself up over it. When the time is right, it will happen. I believe things happen for a reason. Whether you believe in that philosophy or not, waiting is part of life. Things aren’t always supposed to work in our favor. If it did, then it would be too easy. But don’t give up just yet. Stay hopeful and know that there are other people experiencing the same thoughts and feelings as you. Your time will come, just be patient.

– beautifuldarkmystery