feeling good.

We FaceTimed and it was my first time seeing him since I moved. It was so great to see him and hear his voice. I couldn’t help but noticed he looked a little sad and he said he really misses me and hates that I’m so far away from him. I did tell him I’m coming home in about three weeks and that seemed to make him feel a little better.

“When I come home, I’m going to give you THE biggest hug ever,” I told him
“Oh really?” he said surprised.
“Yes, will that make you feel better?”
“A little…”
“A little?! I want a LOT!”
“Well, you’d have to kiss me to make me feel better.”
“Aw, well maybe I’ll have to do that.”

We both laughed. At least we can laugh about it. I know he wants the relationship, and so do I. But we both know that the timing isn’t so great and the fact that he doesn’t know where he’ll be this next year makes things a little difficult. I can’t wait to see him, but I hope it’ll be okay. I know he’s going to go back into boyfriend mode and treat me like his girlfriend, but we’ll just see what happens. I think it’ll be okay.

We also talked about going to Disneyland for my birthday. Apparently he said we’re going to do it, so I guess it’s happening. That should be interesting. It’s been THE number one thing at the top of our list of things we want to do together…we’ve been talking about this since the day we met, nearly three years ago. If we FINALLY make it happen, it’ll be a dream come true. Should be interesting…

Overall, I think we’re in a good place. We both have a feeling that this is not the end of our relationship…that we will be together again someday, and that feeling alone, has brought both of us some comfort and peace of mind. It’s going to take some getting used to because I’ve never been in a situation like this before. But all I know is what I feel. I love him, and he loves me…and one day, maybe it’ll finally work out the way we want. I hope…but time will tell.


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