discipline your disappointments.

So I was feeling bummed about the way things are with “Tom,” about how he’s not being such a great friend and whenever there’s an emotionally charged situation, he’ll be very short with his answers, which then come off as “not caring.” I’m sure he doesn’t mean it that way. I just think he doesn’t know what to do in these types of situations so he freezes. I get it. But I mean, if we’re going to be friends…let alone friends who tell each other everything, I have to be able to feel like I’m not a burden, which is nearly impossible because that’s how I always feel when I try and talk about my problems. Some of them seem trivial and it’s like what’s the point? But anyways, the fact of the matter is that if these people were my so-called “friends,” they wouldn’t mind listening to me rant about stupid stuff because that’s what friends do. They help each other get through difficult situations. It’s like Phillip Phillips says, “When enemies are at your door, I’ll carry you away from way if you need help. Your hope dangling by a string, I’ll share in your suffering to make you well.” (I LOVE that song!)

Well, so the point of this was that I updated my status saying I need to lower my expectations because I hate being disappointed. And one of my friends left a profound comment that I can’t get over. He said his mentor told him, “Learn to discipline your disappointment.” I really like that! I hate saying I’m going to lower my expectations of people because I’m someone who strives to see the best in others. And not only that, lowering your expectations is sort of like “the easy way out.” But learning to discipline your disappointment, THAT takes greater strength in my opinion. Sure, all of this is easier said than done, but not everything in life is supposed to be easy.

I just thought I’d share that with you all because perhaps you’re going through a similar situation, one that leads you to constant disappointment. So let’s try something new, let’s not lower our expectations, but learn how to discipline our disappointment. I think if you can do that, you can do anything and the sky’s the limit.



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