just when i think i had enough going on.

So I’m beginning to think one of my guy friends likes me as more than a friend. He’s been texting me A LOT…like every day for the last week he’s texted me. Last night got a little weird though. So he knows about my situation with “Tom.” However, he and Tom don’t know each other. Obviously, yesterday was the 4th of July, so he was out with his family and let’s just say he was a little buzzed. So he texted me and nothing super weird happened, but I’d be lying if I said I felt totally comfortable. He kept insisting that he didn’t mean anything by what he was saying but then it was like he kept pushing it. And I don’t see him this way. I only think of him as a friend.

Then he said he was all depressed because he’s the only one of his cousins who’s single and I was like there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m single and I’m okay with it…well for the most part. Then he talked about how he misses the companionship and I get it. Yeah, sometimes I feel that way too, but it was like he kept pushing for me to say something…but that was awkward because it wasn’t going to happen…and it didn’t.

I hope that he doesn’t like me because I seriously don’t need this right now. I feel like I have enough with Tom that I don’t need another issue. A part of me wishes I never told him about my situation with Tom, because now I feel like he’s going to try and be that “knight in shining armor” and I don’t want to have to hurt anyone’s feelings here.

I don’t know…I’m not going to get ahead of myself. For all I know, he’s just messing with me and he doesn’t see me that way…which I hope is the truth. I’m not doing anything to lead him on. I just don’t want him to get his hopes up because nothin will happen between us.

– beautifuldarkmystery


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