what do they mean.

So I have something I want a little advice on and maybe some of you can help. I don’t want to over-analyze it or make a huge deal over it, but here it goes.

He and I have been texting A LOT since school got out…and I can’t help but wonder if some of those old flames are being rekindled. Every now and then, I feel like he drops little hints, but I don’t want to overanalyze them and think, oh my gosh, he said this, he must like me.

We hung out today…we saw a movie…just the two of us, but it was not a date, just two friends hanging out. Anyways, so I was waiting in the lobby for him to arrive and when he did, he gave me a hug, pretty normal. Then we start talking and he randomly says, “Don’t you usually wear a lot of rings?” and he grabs my hand. Not gonna lie, I was a little thrown by this, but again, not trying to overanalyze this. I think it’s just because it was out of the blue.

When it was time to actually go into the theater, we stood up and he walked behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. When we actually get into the theater, we still have like 20 minutes before the movie starts, so we’re just sitting there and talking and joking around with each other…and he continues to find more ways to touch me…not in a creepy way or anything…just small stuff like poking me (at one point he stretched his arm around me).

Honestly, I don’t know if he still has feelings for me or if he’s just trying to be “friendly,” but either way, I wish he would just decide what he really wants. My feelings for him haven’t changed which honestly makes hanging out with him that much harder. Like I said, I’ve never seen someone be so wishy-washy with his feelings towards someone. I mean, I think you either like me or you don’t. There’s no in between. But maybe that’s just me.

Once the movie was over we walked back to the parking garage (he parked next to me). I thanked him for getting me out of the house because I literally had not left at all due to studying for my classes and whatnot, so it was good to have a little break. So I said goodbye and we hugged. It wasn’t just one of those quick 1-second goodbye hugs. We stood there and I felt him rest his head on top of mine and we stood there for a few seconds. At that moment, I felt as if things were back to the way they were before everything happened…before our huge fight…before I got mad/upset with him.

When I got home, I saw a text from him and he said to let him know when I got home. I know he was just trying to be a good friend, but I can’t help but consider the other factors. What does this mean? Am I overanalyzing this or is there a possibility that there may still be feelings there?


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