a good “friend.”

You know I love my friends when I go out of my way to get involved with their interests. Yes, we’re talking about him in particular. Last night, I started watching his favorite show and honestly, now I’m hooked and I think that made him really happy when I told him. It would be awesome if he showed a little interest in some of the things I love to do, but I’m not going to force it on him. If he’s interested, he can let me know. But yeah, I plan on finished every season this summer.

To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than watching people talk about the things they love or are passionate about. I even told him it’s as if I’m talking to a different person now because this is his life. He loves comic books and super heros so it was as if the level of enthusiasm went up a few notches when I started talking about it. Haha. It was great though. I mean, I’m really trying, and despite things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to, I’m at least showing him I’m a good friend by doing this. I just hope I don’t get hurt again by doing so…I need to keep my expectations low. I’d be a good girlfriend though, I’m just saying. Showing interest in his likes and passions. He’s making a huge mistake…



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