“i really like your dress.”

I just have to say this because I think it’s worth sharing. So when I woke up this morning, I knew it was going to be a beautiful day in terms of the weather, so I broke out the spring/summer clothes. I wore this black and white blouse with a hi-low skirt. I did my hair and makeup, and wore my black Oxfords. I completed my outfit with a black and gold necklace from Forever 21. When I got to school, I had about 15-20 minutes to kill before my class, so I went to the library. Moments after sitting down, this guy walks up to me. I’m not trying to be superficial here or anything, but he wasn’t the best looking guy and he was a little awkward. I was working on breaking down a script when I hear this voice to my right. “Excuse me, excuse me.” I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me so he had to say it twice. My bad. I look up and see him. I smile, and say hello. He said, “I meant to tell this earlier, but I really like your dress (everyone thought it was a dress even though it was two pieces, but that’s okay. It was pretty convincing) and I just wanted to tell you it looks good on you. ” I smile and say, “Well thank you.” It didn’t come off as creepy at all, and as a matter of fact, I was completely humbled and flattered. Here’s this young man who may not have the best social skills, yet he had the guts to walk up to a complete stranger and give a compliment. THAT’S impressive. The guy I liked could never say that to my face. It was always through text. Should have known…

After that, I received a lot more compliments on my outfit. I should dress up more often. I’m not one of those narcissistic people who thrives on compliments. Sometimes it just makes you feel good and puts you in a good mood…not in an egotistical way, if that makes any sense. But yeah, overall, today was a good day. 🙂 I’m slowly recovering from that other situation, but it’ll still take some time. I’m actually more okay than I thought I’d be at this point, which is good! I just need to keep surrounding myself with good people.

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