i just want some answers.

So I suppose this is getting a little easier with each passing day. The weather was gorgeous today and I actually got to wear a dress to school. It’s kind of hard to be in a bad mood when there’s so much beauty around. We’re still not speaking to each other. We were all let out of class early this morning and I really had to fight the urge to want to talk to them. I feel like if I say anything now, I’m giving in to the whole reason why I’m ignoring him in the first place. I want him to know that this is not okay and that I won’t be treated like this. It’s only been a week. I already know what I want to say to him and how I want to say it. This is going to be a conversation we’re going to have in person, face-to-face. None of this text-messaging and Facebook stuff. I want us to be real and honest with each other and I don’t want it to happen behind a screen. If he’s really my friend, he’ll do this one thing for me. I just want some answers. I don’t want to be mad at him anymore, but he needs to know how I feel.



One thought on “i just want some answers.

  1. wrigramming says:

    they say everything will heal if your give some time to time.

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