dear diary.

This post may seem a little out of place, but oh well. Do you guys keep diaries? I’ve never been really good at keeping one. I would start, write five entries, then stop…either because I wasn’t interested anymore or I got lazy. However, this year, I’ve decided to start one again. I didn’t start at the beginning of the year, but I think I started a couple weeks into January and I have been writing in it at least once a day. I’ve decided that I want to have something I can look back on ten years from now and read what was going on in my life at the time. After all, this has been a pretty interesting semester so far…there’s a boy, I’m getting more involved at school with my major, etc. I can’t wait to read these entries later in the future.

I think that’s the beauty of keeping a diary or journal. I prefer to call it a journal because diary sounds so girly (I know I’m a girl, but still). We tend to remember moments, not days, so I’m hoping that by writing down something at least once a day, I’ll have more “moments.” Some may be ordinary things, but I’ll forget most of this stuff down the road and I just think it’s interesting.


Do you keep a diary/journal? If so, how long have you kept it?

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