text messages & sweet gestures.

So we’ve been texting a lot the last couple of days…like more than we usually do. Sometimes it’s flirty (it’s way easier for both of us to flirt through text than in person). On Sunday night I stayed up until 1AM (so I guess Monday too technically) texting him…I had to wake up at 5. So yeah, that goes to show you’d rather lose sleep than not talk to the person you like.

While we were talking Sunday night, he asked me if I wanted to read one of his comic books. Because this is a huge part of his life, I wanted to see what this was all about. Apparently it meant a lot more to him than I realized. On Monday during our class together, he let me borrow one of his favorites and I read it during my break in the library. Later that night when we were texting, he told me that he was reading the same book and the fact that I had read the same thing earlier made him really happy. I thought that was really sweet because I didn’t know how much it was going to mean to him.

Today I only had one class and went to my “office assistant / TA” position after that. To my surprise, when I left her office to go do something, I saw him standing there in the hallway. I walked up to him and gave him a huge hug and he hugged me back tighter. I asked him what he was doing here and he said he stopped by to see me. I thought it was really sweet.

After I got home, I got a text from him asking if I was still on campus, but I told him I left. He asked me because he wanted to say bye to me in person. He had a class while I was working but I ran into him a couple of times. Man, he sure is saying and doing all the right things.

We’re like so close, but yet so far away I feel. We could be in a relationship if someone makes the first move, but I don’t want to rush things if it’s not meant to happen. And like I said, I don’t have any expectations for Valentine’s Day but the fact that we’ve been talking and texting each other more than usual this week, it only makes things a little harder. He sure is making this more difficult for me.


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