old friends, new friends.

I don’t know if any of you guys do this, but do you ever stop and wonder how your life would be different if you hadn’t met someone? That somewhere out there, there’s like a parallel universe…one where you’ve never met this person? It’s crazy to think about because personally, I find that everyone I meet has a purpose…whether it’s that they have really good timing, they’re here to teach me something, or whatever the reason may be. There are definitely a few people I want to address specifically in this post because I truly believe that my life would be completely different today if I had never met them.

Let’s start with my ex. Now, this one’s pretty obvious because OF COURSE things would be different if we had never met. I believe he was put into my life for a reason and though at the time I may not have known that reason, I do now. I think his purpose was to teach me a lesson…a lesson on how to be a good friend. Even though I felt like I was being lied to, I still put myself out there and let him know that I will always be there for him. But sometimes, it’s not something I can control. People grow apart. He taught me that it’s important to be honest in a relationship and that communication is crucial. It may seem obvious but when you’re young and stupid, you don’t necessarily realize it at the time.

Next, I want to talk about my two best friends from high school. One of them is “Nancy” (whom I mentioned in a previous post) and her brother, we’ll call him Max. Max and I met in 6th grade and I thought he was one of the most annoying kids ever. He followed me everywhere, always asked me questions, and was super hyper. However, when we got to high school, he matured a little and we ended up becoming good friends. By senior year we were best friends. Max and Nancy were there for me all throughout high school. They were the ones who helped me when I was going through my first breakup. They got me out of my bad moods by calling me up and getting me out of the house. They always seemed to have this way of showing up when I needed them. I didn’t even have to say anything. It’s like they were psychic or something. Honestly, they were the best friends I could ever have. They showed ME what a good friend encompasses. They saw me at my worst, and celebrated with me at my best. Two people I could completely be myself around and not feel judged.

Finally, I want to talk about “Tom.” As most of you know, this is the guy I like. This is the guy I could be in a potential relationship with in the future. He’s pretty special to me. He came into my life when I really needed a friend. At the time, I was starting to feel detached from most of my high school friends. We were all headed in our own directions…new school, new friends, new everything. Unfortunately, sometimes that means saying goodbye to the old ones. Anyways, being a commuter, I don’t really have that many friends in college, or at least not as much as I would have if I lived on campus. So in the beginning of the year, I was feeling optimistic about the year. It was my chance to start fresh (because the year before was terrible, I was going through a lot). Then I find out that my dog is really sick and we need to put her down. I know pets are pretty important and special to us, but this dog was extra special because she grew up with me. I got her when I was in the fourth grade. I was a kid and she was a puppy. She was with me all through my teen and adolescent years until she passed away in October 2011, at the beginning of my second year of college. Tom came into my life right as I was dealing with all of that. The thing is…he didn’t have to say or do anything. Just by having his presence and knowing I had this friend I instantly connected with, that in itself was comforting. I hope that one day I will be able to articulate this to Tom because I want him to know what he’s done for me. Because he’s become a huge part of my life, I can’t even imagine how different it would be if we had never met. The thing is…the class we met in, I almost didn’t sign up for. But at the last minute I did…and that’s how we met. Crazy right? All it takes is one decision. One of two paths. YOU get to choose. I never expected for Tom to mean so much to me in such a short amount of time and vice versa. I’ve never been able to connect with someone so quickly. I actually texted him the other night saying that he means a lot to me and that I wanted him to know that. He said that it made him smile and that I mean a lot to him as well.

Even though I only talked about four people here, EVERYONE I’ve met has impacted my life in some sort of way. But these are the people who’ve meant the most to me so far. These are people who’ve changed me for the better. Though I may not talk to most of them anymore, they’ll always be in my memories and will always hold a special place in my heart. And a part of me would hope that they feel the same way.


Which friends have impacted your life the most? What did you learn?


2 thoughts on “old friends, new friends.

  1. Audrey says:

    Gosh, my best friend, We’ll call her “Evelyn.” We met back in pre-school and even after she moved, and after I moved years later, we’re still the best of friends. She’s that friend I can call at 3am and she’ll just listen to me. She was there to help me when my mom’s dog past away, and she’s been there for me through all my family drama. I would be a lonely person if we’d never met; this much I know for sure.

    • beautifuldarkmystery says:

      I think that’s great you two are still in touch. Too often it’s distance that ends friendships/relationships so you guys have a special bond. It’s definitely nice to have someone there to bounce stuff off of at times. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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