actions speak louder than words.

I’m still trying to train myself to think this way when it comes to dating because it’s true, actions speak louder than words. Especially considering my current situation, this couldn’t be any more appropriate. He’s a really nice guy and doesn’t want to say or do anything to make me feel uncomfortable, which I appreciate. I just wish he would do a little more showing.

Yes, he’s the type of person who sends some of the sweetest text messages. He’s constantly telling me how beautiful I am and things like that. Sure, it makes me smile. But when we’re together at school and whatnot, he doesn’t even want to touch me. I’ll be the one who initiates a hug when I first see him and before I leave.

With any relationship I get into, I want the guy to not be afraid to show his love and affection for me. I want him to just do it. Don’t hesitate or be awkward about it. I tend to be an awkward person myself…put another person in the mix and it gets ugly. It’s one thing for him to tell me that I’m pretty or the most beautiful girl he’s ever met. It’s another thing to SHOW it. I don’t want him to be afraid to hold my hand in public or just hold me and embrace me. I need that emotional connection.

It’s interesting because most of us go by this idea that actions speak louder than words, but what about those online relationships? I’ve always been fascinated at how a romantic/emotional connection can develop between two people over the Internet. Doesn’t that make you wonder? In that case, it’s a relationship strictly based off of words. I don’t think I could ever do that. I need the physical connection as well. That’s not to say that online relationships are terrible. Personally, they’re not for me, but there have been ones that have worked out. I am obsessed with Catfish: The TV Show and I watched the Catfish documentary as well. Very interesting stuff. Just think…about twenty years ago, online dating didn’t exist!

But back to the topic, I love the little things a guy can do…hold my hand, give me a hug, look in my eyes and smile. All that nonverbal communication is just as important as the verbal communication. I hope that one day, he and I will be able to feel comfortable enough to be affectionate around each other. I don’t think he’s that type of person, but I could be wrong. He may turn out to be one of the most affectionate people I have ever met. We’ll see.


Do actions speak louder than words for you? Why or why not?


2 thoughts on “actions speak louder than words.

  1. I love catfish! I think it’s fascinating how people can fall in love or build such a deep friendship over years of communication online but never meet face to face… It leaves so much that people could lie about! You can act COMPLETELY differently through text than how you are in real life. It’s kinda scary.

    • beautifuldarkmystery says:

      Me too! I’m completely infatuated. It’s amazing how two people can form a relationship over the Internet. But you’re right, it can be really deceptive and like in most of the episodes so far, things don’t always work out because the person ends up claiming to be someone he or she is not. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😀


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