romance & relationships in cinema.

I’ve always wished for my relationships to work out like the ones I see in movies. The guy is never afraid to show his affection for the girl. He constantly tells her how much he loves her and how much he means to her. I’m a huge sap for films like A Walk to Remember or The Last Song or any of those other Nicholas Sparks tear-jerkers. And honestly, if I can find a guy who will watch these types of movies with me, then he’s a keeper for me because in my opinion, THAT’s how guys are supposed to treat a lady.

It becomes so difficult to separat from those films because I have to remember that they’re fictional. It’s so easy to get sucked into it because it just seems so perfect and desirable. However, it’s like that saying goes…you can’t compare your love life to the ones you see in movies because those were written by screenwriters and your life is written by you. And it’s true. Our lives aren’t written by anyone…we get to have control and make the decisions. And this is reality…things won’t always happen the way you want them too, ESPECIALLY when it comes to love.


Have you ever had a love like the one in movies?

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