guys confuse me.

Have you ever liked someone so much that it “drives you crazy?” I’ve briefly talked about the guy I like and I just want to say something. We’ve already talked about us being together and see it as a possibility…in the future, but as of right now we’re “just friends.” We’ve confessed our feelings for each other and know it’s mutual, but I can’t help but sometimes feel like it’s not. He tends to give mixed signals and I don’t know if it’s just me being paranoid or if he doesn’t feel as strongly about me as I do for him.

Here’s what I can tell you from my point of view. I really like this guy. I think about him more than I probably should. He’s the first person I think about in the morning and the last person I think about before I go to bed. I’ve left him a couple of messages here and there hinting at my feelings for him…until we ended up confessing that we liked each other. I really want to be with him, but there’s always that uncertainty or doubt that fills my mind…that ultimate question: what if I like him more than he likes me?

I feel like because we communicate through non-verbal mediums (for now), there’s no emotion…at least on his behalf. I’ll sit and write out this thoughtful message and send it to him, only to get a one sentence response in return. He also says I can text him whenever I want, yet I feel like when I do, he doesn’t want to talk to me or we run out of things to say. It’s frustrating at times. Sometimes I feel like I’m the one trying to keep the conversation going. Then I think, if he really liked me, he would want to talk to me, right? So confusing.

Sometimes he’ll send me sweet text messages that make me believe he still likes me, but then when I try to reply back in a cute way, he stops or pulls back. I don’t really know how else to explain it. I also feel like lately, I’ve been the one initiating the conversation more. A part of me feels that if he really likes me, he would want to talk to me. But he’s told me he’s not very good with dating/relationships, so maybe this is all just a part of it. Maybe he just doesn’t know what to say or do sometimes.

I’ll admit, it’s so easy for me to fall for words because every girl wants to be called beautiful and feel like they’re special in a guy’s eyes. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in some of the things he tells me that I kind of have to snap myself out of it and remember that I need to fall for actions. It’s so easy for anyone to say these things, but it’s another thing to show them. I’m not saying that he’s just saying these things because I want to hear them…I definitely believe there’s truth to them, but sometimes, I guess I’d like for him to show me that he means these things. But maybe that’s asking for too much since we aren’t in a relationship.

I guess the part that’s driving me crazy is that we both know we like each other, we’re just not dating. It’s just one of those situations that take time for something to develop…and if it’s meant to be, then it will happen. The last thing I want to do is try and force something that’s not there. That’s where I have to hold back a little bit and it’s frustrating. But at this point, I really don’t have that much control over it…only time will tell.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? If so, what did YOU do?

4 thoughts on “guys confuse me.

  1. Ying Feels Yang says:

    you know my story so i never found myself in this situation.
    “what if I like him more than he likes me?”
    are you trying to like him only to extent he likes you?
    are you trying not to appear vulnerable?
    i think there is 2 choices either to go for person you lover or stay with person who loves you. if you choose first one then you have to risk everything like me. if you choose second one you need to have courage to let it go. i think you are middle of it. you want person you love but you don’t want to risk and go after him. i think that is not how it works. to get something we never had we need to do something we never did. for me the best way is always straight forward. i know till now none of girls have prefer me but i guess that’s me. the only good thing about telling straight forward and making decision is they help you to create space for other better person. and yeah i read somewhere life is much peaceful and easier when you make decision in 5 minutes. more than that is simply a headache. haha. hope it helps.

    -ying yang

    • beautifuldarkmystery says:

      I hear you. Yeah, I want to be straight forward with him, I’m just not there yet…but I will be, hopefully. I think people are just confusing in general. You’ll never know what the answer is unless you ask. Plus we’re human…we play these mind games all the time. I know I need to talk to him. I just need to not be so afraid and just do it.


  2. Ying Feels Yang says:

    and oh yeah i forgot to say girls confuse me!

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