the hunger games (film vs. book)


There’s always been those debates on which is better…the film or the book. We’ve seen it with the Harry Potter series, Twilight, and now…The Hunger Games. So is one better than the other? Which one, the film or the book?

Last year, my sister got hooked on the Hunger Games craze. She end up buying the books and finished them in like a couple of months. She decided to let me borrow them so I could read the books. She finished all three before the first movie came out and she wanted to see it. My mom and and I went with her. As someone who hadn’t read the book before seeing the movie, I really enjoyed it. It was a different type of movie and the protagonist, Katniss, was a strong female lead character. I definitely cried my eyes out during the scene where Rue dies (I’m a softy when it comes to films).

Over this winter break, I was able to FINALLY read the entire first book within a week or so. I must say…I kind of like the book better than the film, but that doesn’t change my opinion about the film.  I still love it and in fact, I watched it again last night with my sister, so I could point out the differences because the last time I watched it was when it came out in theaters and before I read the book. I’m really glad that they kept most of the dialogue the same because I liked it.

Let’s talk about the book first. The relationship between Gale and Katniss is more obvious in the book. I could see where this would be a little more difficult to emulate on-screen because when you read a book, most of it’s as if Katniss is thinking to herself and Gale appears in many of these thoughts. I also loved Peeta more in the book (that’s not to say I didn’t think Josh Hutcherson did a bad job, I just liked him in the book better). He seemed more genuine and that he really cared about Katniss. Plus there were a lot more cute romantic moments in the book and I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. Then there’s the ending. I definitely liked the ending of the book better than the movie. In the book, after Katniss and Peeta win the games and are headed back to their district, Peeta gets upset at Katniss and thinks that the romance that had been occurring between the two during the games was all for show just to win. To me, it left more of a suspense and made me empathize with Peeta.

The film overall stayed pretty true to the book. Usually you read the book first and then watch the film. I did it the other way around and it made the experience a little different. Having seeing the movie, I already had that visualization of each of the characters from the film. When you read, the goal is to create how YOU think everything would look visually. But because I already saw the film and knew what happened, it was like there was already this mold and I just needed to fill in the blanks. If the first Hunger Games movie was great, I can’t even imagine what the next two will be like.

I think I’m going to read the second book before the film this time and see how my opinion changes, but I’m not going to start it until it gets a little closer to the film release. Overall though, really satisfied with the film and thought the adaptation was really nice. I loved the book. It was an easy read and I couldn’t put it down. Mockingjay, here I come.


What did you think of Hunger Games the movie vs. Hunger Games the book? Did the movie do the book justice?


5 thoughts on “the hunger games (film vs. book)

  1. Ying Feels Yang says:

    i haven’t read book but have watched the movie. quiet loved it. but for me it has always been a book that makes lasting impact. “A walk to remember” was a novel i read and watched movie later on. so i kind of was in love with book.

    • beautifuldarkmystery says:

      I’m the opposite…I’ve watched A Walk to Remember, but haven’t read the book. But yeah, I feel the same way…it’s always a risk when a book is adapted to fit on-screen, but I think The Hunger Games was an overall success…but the ending…that was the only part I was “upset” about.

  2. johnfarzi says:

    I enjoyed the movie, but I felt that they were on a budget and had their hands tied. I think with the reception from this movie they will have a much higher budget for Catching Fire and have better cinematography. With that said, I liked the book better. If I hadn’t read the book before I watched the movie I wouldn’t have been able to figure some things out especially about the districts and the way they were run.
    I didn’t like how they chose Woody Harrelson to play Haymitch and completely changed the character. I was surprised that Suzanne Collins helped with the screenplay and agreed/accepted the changes.
    The one thing that the movie nailed was casting Jennifer Lawrence. That’s exactly how I imagined Katniss to look like.
    I have read all three books and would ask you to post a photo of yourselves once you finish Mockingjay. : )
    I finished it two days ago (after forcing myself not to read it for over 6 months) and been dying to talk to someone about it who has read it. LOL x )

  3. beautifuldarkmystery says:

    I completely agree with you. I need to read the other two books before the films come out (and I’ve still got time haha). But yeah, reading the book definitely helped me understand the way the games worked. Because I hadn’t read it before I saw the film, yes, it was confusing at times. It’s always going to be tough when when a film is based off an adapted screenplay, but overall, this movie was a huge success and like you said, I can’t only imagine what the turnout will be like for the next one. Thanks for your thoughts! I’ll finish the other two books as soon as I can so I can talk about them more!


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