college crush (part 1).

So I’m in an interesting situation. It’s been about five years or so since my last relationship and for some that may be a long time, but for me, I needed that time…to pull myself together, mature a bit, and figure out what I want. Yeah, as ridiculous as it seems, I needed all of that time to get over a stupid 8-month relationship. It sucks breaking up, but it sucks even more losing that friend…especially when you considered that person one of your best friends.

My fall 2011 semester started out just like any other semester until I met someone who would later become so important to me so quickly. Being in college, I figured this would be a fresh start in terms of the dating scene. No one knew me here, it was like I could start over. At the time I wasn’t really looking for anything at the moment. I take college very seriously, maybe almost too seriously, so I was focused more on my studies than looking for someone to date.

I remember the first day of classes. I walked into my first one, which was TV Production and sat down. I looked around the room and didn’t know anyone. Because it was a production class, there were only about 15 students so the setting was very intimate. I see this guy walk in and immediately I think he’s cute, but it was just an initial reaction…I didn’t really pay any more attention to it. The first couple of weeks were awkward because nobody in the class knew each other, but as a TV crew, we had to work together to produce these short 5-minute shows. We had to rotate positions, including being in front of the camera. For the first month we did interviews, so everyone had to be a host and guest for this fictitious show. One day we were rotating positions and I noticed it was my turn to be guest and the cute guy in my class, we’ll call him Tom. I was so nervous and I could tell he was too. When we sat down in the chairs, I took the initiative to introduce myself and I remember him just looking at me, not in a creepy way, but we locked eyes longer than we should have. We both smiled and tried to figure out what we wanted to talk about. This was already a pretty awkward situation because here was this guy I thought was very cute, we were basically the center of attention in the class sitting in front of cameras being put in the spot, and we were both just naturally a little awkward. But things got just a little more uncomfortable when the guys from the control room told us to look at each other so we just had to sit there for what seemed like forever looking at each other.

In the end, he made me feel comfortable and I thought he was really cute. I made an effort to try and get to know him and it seemed like he wanted to get to know me too so we started hanging out outside of class. Yup, I liked this guy and there was no going back now. 🙂



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