do i have a type?

Do I have a type? I’d like to think that in some ways, I do, but I am also somewhat open-minded. For one thing, my mom has always stressed the importance of dating someone the same race as me simply because it would be easier for us to understand each other…same morals, customs, etc. But she said she’ll be supportive with whatever guy I end up with, as long as he treats me well.

I’m Asian, but to be honest, I’ve never been attracted to Asian guys. Well, I guess my first boyfriend counts, but based on what most people classify as “Asian,” he doesn’t fall into that category. He’s Middle Eastern. The only guy I’ve liking that comes close to being Asian was a guy that I went to elementary, middle, and high school with and he was half Asian. To me, he’ll always be the one that got away, but that’s for another post.

The guy I currently like is of Spanish decent I believe, but I have never asked. I probably should. Anyways, as weird as it seems, I don’t think I’ll end up marrying an Asian person because I’m just not physically attracted to them. I guess this generation is more like that these days…there’s more interracial dating going on, which I think is awesome. We should be able to love whomever we want.

As far as my “type,” I tend to like the semi-awkward guys, which is weird because awkward is something you want to try and avoid. My first boyfriend was very smart…like book smart (always in AP and Honors classes), he played sports, was in band with me, and had been my friend since middle school. The guy I like now, however, is a little different…he gets by in school, not exactly straight A’s, but he still gets the grades he needs to pass so it’s not like he doesn’t try at all. He collects comic books, is obsessed with Star Wars and other superheroes like Superman, Batman, and all those other ones. He’s a self-proclaimed nerd and is proud of it. So what do these two have in common? For one, they were/are my friend…so they’re sensitive, thoughtful, caring, and passionate about something. For my ex-boyfriend it was sports and for this current guy, it embodies everything that a typical nerd likes.

So I guess to answer the question, no, I do not have a definite type. Each guy is different and each will have great qualities and not-so-great qualities about him. But because I’m more of an introverted person, I tend to like the calmer guys…the ones who aren’t out there and loud. As long as he treats me with respect and SHOWS me he cares, then that’s my type. Otherwise, there’s the door.


When it comes to dating, do you have a type, or do you play the field and just see what happens?


2 thoughts on “do i have a type?

  1. Ying Feels Yang says:

    i don’t feel like dating. if anyone is intended to be in my life then she will be in one way or other. i let that happen with flow of life because i believe we attract people like us knowingly or unknowingly.

    • beautifuldarkmystery says:

      That’s a great way of looking at it and over the years, I’ve started to become that way as well. Especially now that I’m in college, I feel like if it’s going to happen, then it will happen. After all, they say the best relationships are the ones that happen unexpectedly, when you’re not thinking about it and maybe that’s true. At the same time, I’m trying to work on putting myself out there more so that I can meet new people because if I sit back and do nothing, then I can’t expect anything in return.


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